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The Investment

Sura Investment Management is the investment manager of the King Irving Sura Pacific Alliance Fund.

Sura Investment Management is the institutional arm of Sura Asset Management, the largest investment manager of non-banking assets in Latin America. Sura is a leader in pensions, superannuation and investment management in its markets.

Sura has in excess of AUD 200bn in funds under management1, 9,000 employees and 20 million clients2. Sura have a presence in six countries within the region. Sura is a subsidiary of the listed company Grupo Sura.

An established presence in Latin America

Sura has a history of over 30 years from when individual pension systems were first introduced in Chile. Additionally, Sura’s broad regional footprint in Latin America provides economies of scale that represent a significant competitive advantage in the resourcing of its investment management business and processes.

A brief history

  • AFP Capital (Chile): founded in 1981.
  • Protección AFP (Colombia): founded in 1991.
  • AFP Integra (Peru): founded in 1993.
  • AFORE Sura (Mexico): founded in 1996.
  • AFAP Sura (Uruguay): founded in 1996.
  • AFP Crecer (El Salvador): founded in 1998

1 As at March 2019
2 As at December 2018

Assets under management by country

December 2018

Grupo Sura

Sura is majority owned by Grupo Sura which is dual listed on the Colombian Securities Exchange and is enrolled in the ADR – Level I program in the United States.
Grupo Sura is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for its responsible and comprehensive management of business practices. The remaining shares in Sura are held by a group of local and international leading financial institutions and institutional investors, including General Atlantic, International Finance Corporation, Bancolombia, Grupo Bolívar and Grupo Wiese.

Awards won by Sura

Sura has won the following funds management awards since 2017

Morningstar Awards

2017 Best Local Fixed Income Mutual Fund: Renta Corporativa Largo Plazo, Chile
2018 Best Fixed Income Manager, Chile

Global Baking & Finance Review

2018 Best Asset Manager, Mexico

Peru Golden Awards

2018 Best Mutual Equity Fund in Soles, Peru
2018 Best Mutual Debt Fund in USD and Soles, Peru
2019 Best Short Term Dollars Mutual Fund
2019 Best Short Term Soles Mutual Fund
2019 Best Very Short Term Dollars Mutual Fund

World Finance

2017 Best Investment Manager– Fixed Income, Mexico

Premio Salmon

2017 Sura Renta Activa Chile
2017 Sura Selección Global serie D, Chile
2017 Sura Estrategia Conservadora, Chile
2017 Sura Renta Corporativa Largo Plazo, Chile
2018 Sura Renta Corporativa Largo Plazo, APV, Chile
2018 Sura Renta Local UF, APV, Chile
2019 Sura Renta Local UF
2019 Sura Renta Corporativa Largo Plazo
2019 Sura Renta Depósito
2019 Sura Selección Global
2019 Sura Renta Bonos Chile

El Mercurio Inversiones

2018 Best Fund Manager, Chile
2018 Best Fund Manager –High Net Worth client, Chile

The European

2019 Most Innovative Asset Management Company, Mexico
2019 Leading Company in Social Responsible Investment, Mexico
2019 Investment Management Company of year, Mexico

Global Banking & Finance

2019 Best Asset Management Company, Mexico