SURA Asset Management is a subsidiary company of Grupo SURA and a leader in pensions specializing in life annuities and investment funds. When measured in assets, the Company is the largest administrator of non-banking assets in Latin America, closely related to the pension business, where it is in first place with a market share of over 23%, a total of USD 112.8 billion in assets managed and 17.3 million clients.

In 2011 Grupo SURA acquired ING’s assets in pensions, life insurance and investment fund businesses in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. This transaction, worth USD 3.6 billion, was completed on December 29, 2011.

The funds management business has a history of over 30 years when individual pension capitalization systems were first introduced in each country:

  • AFP Capital (Chile): founded in 1981.
  • Protección AFP (Colombia): the surviving company from the merger between Protección and ING Colombia founded in 1991.
  • AFP Integra (Peru): founded in 1993.
  • AFORE SURA (Mexico): founded in 1996.
  • AFAP SURA (Uruguay): founded in 1996.
  • AFP Crecer (El Salvador): founded in 1998.




Morningstar Logo Morningstar Awards
2014 Best Fixed Income Manager in Mexico
2013 Best Multi Asset Manager in Mexico
2012 Best Fixed Income Manager in Mexico
World Finance Global Pension Funds Awards World Finance Global Pension Fund Awards
2015 AFP Capital – Chile
2014 AFP Capital – Chile
2013 AFP Capital – Chile
Premio Salmon Premio Salmon
2015, 2014 – SURA Selección Global
2015, 2014 – SURA Renta Bonos
2015, 2014, 2013 – SURA Acciones Chile Mid Cap
Global Banking Review Global Banking & Finance Review
2015 Best Asset Management Company – Peru
2014 Best Asset Management Company – Mexico

World Finance Magazine Investment Management
2014 Best Asset Management Company in Mexico

Fund Pro FundPro Platinum Performance
2012 Best Fixed Income Manager in Mexico
Lima Stock Exchange, Corporate Governance Award
For fourth consecutive year in 2014, AFP Integra and for the first time Seguros SURA were recognized for compliance with principles of good corporate governance
Best Investment Manager Award, Pension Fund, Type 2 – Diversified fund
AFP Integra received the Best Investment Manager award 2013 from the El Dorado Investments and the University of the Pacific.