Who are we

King Irving Funds Management is a specialist fund manager which provides professional investors with access to International investment managers not otherwise readily accessible to the Australian market. Managers are selected based on a variety of factors, including importantly, their likelihood of providing additional or new sources of growth and diversification for investor portfolios.

We seek out active managers who are leaders in their markets. Naturally, these managers must have a strong local presence to provide them with an information edge, which we view as critical to the sustained generation of alpha.

We see benefit in seeking growth through Emerging Markets, and specifically, in anticipated high growth regions. The full benefit of investing in these regions is unlikely to be achieved by simply investing in a Global Emerging Market strategy.

Our manager due diligence processes include the requirement of a proven and structured investment process implemented by a highly experienced investment team. We also require managers with a strong focus on risk management. Our compliance processes include the ongoing review of the Investment Manager and Fund portfolio to ensure that the Fund’s guidelines, objectives and rules are met.

It is imperative to our risk control processes that our selected manager operates in an environment which provides investors with the comfort of transparent markets and stable regulatory systems.

Our Directors have a combined history of over 70 years in funds management, including investment manager selection, operations, compliance, regulation, due diligence and marketing.